Speak from the Heart, Win with Safety

DeAnn Crane

“If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose. Don’t merely survive, but thrive and do so with passion and compassion.”

I recently posted that quote on social media as I thought about my work in transportation safety.

Do we thrive when it comes to our safety culture or do we just survive? What makes us in safety passionate about what we do?

First, we care about safety all the time, on and off the job. We don’t just check a box, we engage and educate employees about why being safe matters and behind the wheel is no exception.

Second, we communicate, communicate, communicate. Consistent and on-going education is key to changing behavior. Do our safety talks ignite the same passion in others?

Third, it’s really all about the people. We recognize that human error is the most likely cause for more than 90% of all motor vehicle crash incidents. As safety leaders, do we set high expectations, not only for ourselves but also our employees? Do we repeatedly do the right thing and attempt to inspire others to do the same?

And, finally, are we committed to learning and sharing knowledge with others? Even smart people have room to improve, and learning is a lifelong process. Passionate safety professionals know they always have something to learn and something to share.

– DeAnn Crane is a program manager with the National Safety Council