What Contributes to Aggressive Driving?

What factors contribute to aggressive drivers’ behavior?

  • Take 60 seconds to list all reasons you can think of for a driver to behave aggressively.

Three factors can contribute to aggressive driving behavior on Texas roads.

ONE. Lack of responsible driving behavior

  • On the road, the focus often is on individual rights and freedom, not on responsibility to other people with whom we share the road.

TWO. Reduced levels of enforcement

  • During tougher economic times many jurisdictions tend to cut back on traffic enforcement due to budget constraints.

THREE. More travel and congestion, especially in urban areas

  • From 2002 through 2013, the number of miles driven in the United States has increased by 5%, while the number of miles of available roads has increased only by 2.5%.
  • Some motorists find themselves responding to the frustrations of driving in high-density traffic areas by acting aggressively.