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Upcoming Free Webinars

Attend Free Webinars

Registration is required: Please click on the webinar title below and fill out the form. Looking for more information? Contact National Safety Council Program Manager DeAnn Crane. Email: Phone: 630-775-2494.

Thursday, May 28 (9 a.m.-noon: Webcast Transportation Safety Training. This free training covers a variety of traffic safety topics and is designed for you to take back to your company and present to your employees. Participants will receive copies of the curriculum.

Wednesday, June 10 (10-10:30 a.m.): Thinking Outside the Safety Box. How impactful is a safety program that has become “traditional?” When your safety culture needs a re-boot, we’re ready to help by showcasing ways to amp up your safety program. Lisa Robinson and Cindy Leonard will share ideas and inspiration from employers who have shifted their safety programs into high gear. 

Thursday, July 9 (9 a.m.): Opioids and CNS Depressants/Stimulants: A DITTE Deep Dive. This training explores the effects of opioids and other narcotic analgesics on an employer through reviewing the progress of a court case. Leading resources on overdose and intervention will be highlighted. Benefits of preventative training for employers and employees also are outlined. The second part of the training focuses on drugs impacting the central nervous system, such as depressants and stimulants. Employer pro-active measures, such as drug sweeps, will be discussed and employee turnover calculator tools will be used.

Wednesday, July 29 (10 a.m.): 4 D’s: Addressing Drunk, Drugged, Distracted and Drowsy Driving in the Workplace. This session will address the need for a corporate policy, programs and practices that support safety while driving. Companies are faced with risk and increased exposure to liability based on employee driving behaviors. Steps to successfully implement a policy will be covered. Reducing costs and liability requires attention to a safety culture that addresses fatigued, distracted and impaired employees.

Wednesday, Aug. 5 (9 a.m.): Cannabis, HR, and Polydrugs: A DITTE Deep Dive. This training explores the effects of cannabis in the workplace and how to mitigate risk through random testing of employees in safety-sensitive positions. Costs incurred by an employee-involved crash will be explores. The second part of the training focuses on how to develop or improve a resource guide for drug policies, programs and practices within your organization. Tools that develop understanding of polydrug impact on driving will be introduced.

Wednesday, Aug. 12 (10 a.m.): Tried and True Traffic Safety Panelists: Hear from Employers. This session will include a panel of employers who have moved the dial recently on their safety programs and seen proven results. The panelists will share tips of the trade and how they have measured progress in driving down crash rates as a result. Ongoing traffic safety that includes all employees, not just those that drive professionally, will be discussed.

Wednesday, Sept. 2 (9 a.m.): Alcohol and Inhalants: A DITTE Deep Dive. This training explores the effects of alcohol and other drugs on driving and workplace performance as well as highlights the cost and lifestyle impacts of a DWI-alcohol arrest. Benefits of preventative training for employers and employees also are outlined. The second part of the training focuses on inhalants as a unique category of drugs that are available in the workplace as legal substances designed for benign purposes. Developing objective documentation practices will be discussed.

Thursday, Sept. 10 (10 a.m.): Tips for Building a Comprehensive Transportation  Safety Program. Are you hitting all the right topics and including traffic safety information that is crucial to improving crash rates and driving down incidents? This session will overview behaviors that cause crashes, as well as specific planning that can help mitigate incidents. Lisa Robinson, senior program manager, will answer your previously asked questions while sharing the most up to date resources and tools to insure your program is comprehensive and effective.