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Ask: How Do You Define Distracted Driving?

In a group setting, challenge your employees to define distracted driving. Set parameters by telling them up front this is an activity that requires common sense, not the use of…

Alcohol a Factor in 20% of Work-Zone Related Crashes

Alcohol was cited as a factor in 20% of work-zone related fatal crashes, according to the Federal Highway Administration. Outside the work zone, happy hours and other celebrations among colleagues often can result in sad endings, such as serious injury or death.

In Texas, drivers are legally intoxicated and can be arrested and charged with a DWI with a .08 blood alcohol concentration; however, driving ability can be impaired below the legal alcohol limit. Even if a driver registers less than .08 BAC, an arrest still can be made based on the observations of the officer during a roadside sobriety check.

One Click Away from Employer Savings

Passenger Restraint Drivers and passengers who buckle up are more likely to survive serious motor vehicle crashes and avoid injuries. Don’t believe it? In 2014, of all persons killed in…

Vehicle Crashes: Know the Impact

Motor vehicle crashes are one of the leading causes of unintentional workplace deaths in the United States. How much do these crashes cost you? Check the numbers: The average workplace…