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Posts published in “Impaired Driving Tailgate Talk”

Tailgate Talks are short lessons that can be delivered to small groups of learners outside of a traditional classroom. This listing shows all Tailgate Talks on the subject of impaired driving.

Driving Under the Influence … It’s Not Just Alcohol


Is taking a prescription or over-the-counter medication as dangerous as drinking alcohol combined with driving? Safe driving requires precise skills, clear judgment, concentration, and ability to react to what happens…

Painkillers on the Job


Enough prescription painkillers were provided in 2010 to medicate every American around the clock for an entire month. CONCLUSION: This means that at any given time, many employees may be…

The Two Faces of Prescription Drugs


Prescription medications are helpful in the right doses, at the right time, and when the user is aware of all potential side effects. What’s the other side of prescription medication?…

How Much is Too Much?


How much alcohol is too much? ANSWER There is no single answer to this question that applies to everyone. Your gender, body weight, the number and types of drinks you’ve…

Checklist for Drowsy Driving


Look for the warning signs of drowsy driving. You can’t stop yawning. Your eyelids droop or blink frequently. You have trouble keeping your eyes open and focused especially at stoplights.…

Causes of Drowsy Driving


In 60 seconds, list all of the reasons you can think of that can cause a driver to be sleepy behind the wheel. There are several—how many can you identify?…

Drowsy Driving Accidents


Where do the majority of drowsy-driving crashes occur? On dark rural highways with little to no street lighting. On highways and major roadways with speed limits of 55 to 65 mph.…

Things that WON’T Keep You Awake


It happens to just about everyone: You’re driving late at night, or you’re on a long driving stint, or you only got a couple hours sleep last night. What did…