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Posts published in “Distracted Driving Tailgate Talk”

Tailgate Talks are short lessons that can be delivered to small groups of learners outside of a traditional classroom. This listing shows all Tailgate Talks on the subject of distracted driving.

The Myth of Multitasking Test


Watch this video, and then try the exercise yourself or with a group. (You will need paper and pencil for this one, plus a stopwatch or watch with a second…

Hands-Free Safety


What is “hands-free” technology? Earpiece, dashboard system, voice-to-text, or speaker phone. Hands-free technology and driving: The brain quickly toggles between tasks – but can’t do two things at the same…

The Hands-Free Debate


Is it safe to use a hands-free device to talk on a cell phone while driving? Debate this question for three minutes with a partner or with teams taking each…

Tips for Distraction-Free Driving


Before You Drive: Be familiar with the controls in your vehicle, especially when you are borrowing someone else’s car or driving a rental. Adjust vehicle controls such as mirrors, seat,…

Distractions in 60 Seconds


What distracts drivers? List as many distractions you can think of in 60 seconds. Did you come up with all of these? Some of the most common and dangerous multitasking…

Multitasking: Fact or Fiction?


How many thinking tasks can your brain focus on at one time? The answer is – one. If your brain has more than one thinking task to choose from, it…