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Posts published in “Aggressive Driving Tailgate Talk”

Tailgate Talks are short lessons that can be delivered to small groups of learners outside of a traditional classroom. This category lists all Tailgate Talks on the topic of aggressive driving.

Road Rage and Excuses


Which of the following are excuses used by people who committed murder as a result of road rage? “He cut me off on the highway.” “She was only driving the…

The Cure for Multi-lane Changers!


Aggressive drivers often swerve across multiple lanes at once, instead of moving over lane by lane, one at a time. Have you ever done that when in a rush, or…

Aggressive Driving Quiz


Opinion surveys show motorists rate aggressive driving as a top threat to highway safety, yet many do not see their own behavior as aggressive. Are you an aggressive driver? Take…

Tip Sheet: When Confronted by Aggressive Drivers


When confronted by aggressive drivers… First and foremost make every attempt to get out of their way. Put your pride in the back seat. Do not challenge them by speeding…

How to Recognize Aggressive Driving


What is Aggressive Driving? In 60 seconds, list as many driving behaviors as you can that you would consider “aggressive.” Maybe you even encountered some while driving today! How many…

Daredevil Dave


Listen to this conversation between Dave and his passenger. Does Daredevil Dave’s story or parts of it sound like anyone you know? How would you define aggressive driving? The prototype…