Aggressive Driving Tailgate Talk

Tailgate Talks are short lessons that can be delivered to small groups of learners outside of a traditional classroom. This category lists all Tailgate Talks on the topic of aggressive driving.

What Contributes to Aggressive Driving?

What factors contribute to aggressive drivers’ behavior? Take 60 seconds to list all reasons you can think of for a driver to behave aggressively. Three factors can contribute to aggressive driving behavior on Texas roads. ONE. Lack of responsible driving behavior On the road, the focus often is on individual rights and freedom, not on responsibility …

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How to Recognize Aggressive Driving

What is Aggressive Driving? In 60 seconds, list as many driving behaviors as you can that you would consider “aggressive.” Maybe you even encountered some while driving today! How many of the following behaviors match your list? Aggressive driving behaviors can include: Speeding Drag racing on public streets Frequent and unnecessary lane changes Tailgating Running …

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