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October 2016 Safety Coach: Why it Makes $ense to Consider a Safe Driving Policy

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Safety Coach

On a recent trip to Robstown, Our Driving Concern Program Manager Lisa Robinson visited the headquarters of Ainsworth Trucking. As she gripped thehead-on-view-of-lisa-mike-ezzell-in-background-1 wheel in the company’s state-of-the-art truck driving simulator, she felt uneasy.

Undaunted, she tested herself in an all-new driver setting and gained a much greater appreciation for the level of skill required to drive a big rig.

Right then and there, Robinson decided driving a truck will never make it as an entry on her bucket list. She was humbled. She also was gratified to see how Ainsworth Trucking goes above and beyond when it comes to considerations involving the safety and well-being of its drivers.