Get Ahead of the Big Game: Throw a Super Safety Party

Super Sunday is fast-approaching. So, what does that mean? Food, watch parties and fun!

Some will watch the big game on Feb. 3. Others will focus on the commercials. All of us can benefit from this reminder: Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk.

Everyone loves a good party, no one more so than Super Fan Dave, featured in a public service announcement produced by the Texas Department of Transportation and in an e-learning module on the Our Driving Concern website. Watch and learn what Dave does to plan ahead for his big day.

Each of our six e-learning modules is fully compatible with your mobile device. So, you can talk traffic safety with your employees anytime, anywhere. The days leading up to Super Sunday are good for delivering another important reminder: the cost of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Have you checked your bank balance? Go ahead, I’ll wait. Do you have an extra $17,000 sitting in your account? The devastating cost of loss of life is one thing that cannot be measured. Some other costs are more easily calculated.

Drunk drivers face jail time and loss of their driver’s licenses as well as attorney’s fees, court costs, boosts in insurance premiums and lost wages due to time off from work. These bills can add up to $17,000 or more. In 2017, data from TxDOT paints a profile picture of those killed in crashes on state roads involving alcohol:

  • 678 DUI drivers
  • 159 persons in vehicles not driven by DUI drivers
  • 137 passengers in vehicles driven by DUI drivers
  • 50 pedestrians and pedalcyclists

One is too many. All of them were moms and dads, sons and daughters. All of them left behind loved ones. So, this year, make it a point to win the game that matters most. Get home from your watch party in one piece. Use a ride-share service or designated driver. Be sure to introduce your employees to the National Highway Traffic Safety Admininstration’s SaferRide app, too.

– Lisa Robinson is a senior program manager with the National Safety Council