Stop a Friend or Colleague from Driving Impaired

If you’ve ever been out with colleagues after work, or to a party or wedding or other event where alcohol is served, you may have been in a situation where you tried to stop an impaired person from getting behind the wheel.

What did you do? Did it work?

In the situation where a colleague might be impaired and inclined to drive, do your best to keep that person from getting behind the wheel. Try these things:

  • Drive him or her yourself (only if you have not been drinking).
  • Call a cab (or Uber or Lyft).
  • Spend the night and leave in the morning.
  • Call a sober friend or family member to take them home.
  • Plan ahead if you and colleagues/friends plan to drink. Designate a sober driver beforehand, plan to call a cab or someone you trust to pick you up, or plan to spend the night where you are.