Safety Tips for Holiday Shopping Trips

Holiday shopping is stressful and is usually the busiest shopping of the year. Being prepared behind the wheel and packing your patience will go a long way in keeping you safe as you shop the day away! Here are some tips to keep you safe on the roadways and parking lots:

  • Plan ahead before you ever leave home – know the route you are going to take so you won’t have any unexpected or sudden stops or turns.
  • Go slow – leave early to allow yourself plenty of time to get where you want to go and to prevent a collision.
  • Do NOT be distracted behind the wheel – put your cell phone away, no taking selfies or taking pictures of other drivers, no eating and no reading sale ads.
  • Choose easy-exit parking spaces that don’t crowd neighboring vehicles and park your vehicle in the center of the parking space.
  • Park farther away in parking lots to avoid congestion and carts left out in lots.
  • If possible, pull through or back in on arrival.
  • Do a 360-degree walk-around of your vehicle before you leave, check for children and for any potholes, tire hazards and any other dangers. Begin backing directly after your walk-around.
  • Back up slowly and continually check the rear and sides of the vehicle.
  • When driving watch for pedestrians crossing in front of your car, behind your car and at crosswalks. Remember, kids can dart quickly and are sometimes hard to see!

Go slow, be patient and happy shopping!

— Lisa Robinson is a senior program manager at the National Safety Council