Safety is the First Step to Success

DeAnn Crane

For safety leaders, the onboarding process is an opportunity to establish expectations.

This is your chance to let new employees know they are joining a team with a built-in safety culture. The training process is designed to educate new hires about their work and your organization’s safety procedures, including what goes into arriving safely each day and returning home in the same way. Namely, safe driving.

As a past HR professional, I have onboarded all levels of employees. I know safety is a core value that should cascade from the top down. Every employee should exemplify the company’s safety culture. Does your culture resonate safety from the CEO to the frontline workers?

With the new year now upon us, this is a great time to schedule a review. What does your process look like? Is it continuous and ongoing? Are you setting that employee up for success once he or she has accepted your job offer? What kind of orientation do you provide?

How will you engage new hires with continual on-the-job safety training? How will they be introduced to key safety policies? How do you help them understand why safety policies and procedures are necessary? How often do you review policies? Are they easily accessible?

What tools and resources are you using to get new employees invested in driver and traffic safety during those first hours and first days on the job?

Lot of questions, right? Well, all of us here at the Our Driving Concern Texas Employer Traffic Safety program are ready to help you figure out the answers.

In fact, we’ve created a great new tool to introduce your new employees to a safety mindset. Our “Welcome New Employees – Safety is Spoken Here” poster is free to use in any phase with your new employees. You might want to include the poster in an onboarding packet or display it in your training room during orientation.

Click here to access: Welcome New Employees – Safety is Spoken Here.

Learn more about how we can help through free training opportunities and a variety of free resources. Reach out to one of the members of our team here: Contact Us.

Drive new employees toward positive behaviors. Lead by example. Keep your eyes up and your phone down. Buckle up. Every seat, every time. Watch your speed. Be safe!

DeAnn Crane is a program manager with the National Safety Council