Safe Driving Requires …?

Safe driving requires precise skills, clear judgment, concentration and the ability to react to what happens on the road.

That statement is highlighted on one of our Safety Coach Cards explaining risks associated with impaired driving.  Learn how to use the cards and get a free set to use at your workplace.  But wouldn’t that same statement be a great safety reminder on a bottle of prescription pain killers?

While warnings are a part of medication packaging, many users do not understand the impact drugs can have on safe driving skills. In fact, 64% of prescription opioid users report driving while taking their medication.

Taking drugs of any kind and then driving puts you at greater risk of injuring or killing yourself, your friends or other innocent people. But not taking prescription medications as directed by your doctor can be risky too. Prescription drugs are helpful in the right doses, at the right time and when the user is aware of all potential side effects.

In the workplace, prescription drug use is a safety issue, according to 39% of employers who answered a recent National Safety council survey.

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— Lisa Robinson is a senior program manager with the National Safety Council