Lost in Thought?

While driving, have you ever reached your destination and wondered, “How did I get here?”

You don’t remember the road you took, cars you passed or the time that may have elapsed. A driver’s mind wandering is one of the most significant causes of distracted driving crashes. Drivers get complacent, especially on daily commutes, and tend to drift off in thought, thus increasing the risk of a crash.

Some people see driving as a time to relax and unwind and let their minds drift off, but that’s actually one of the worst things you can do. A driver must maintain focus when driving even when the brain wants to think about other things.

Here are some tips to share with your employees to keep them off of autopilot:

  • Change your gaze every two to three seconds, keep your eyes moving
  • Chew gum to increase your alertness
  • Drive with a passenger
  • Experiment with different driving routes
  • Listen to the radio (just make sure you program it before you begin driving)
  • Pay attention to what is around you
  • Practice mindful driving
  • Stop as needed and take breaks

Keep your employees safe by promoting safe driving behaviors on and off the job. Stay focused and #JustDrive!

– Lisa Robinson is a senior program manager at the National Safety Council