Lights, Camera, Action

Recently, I worked with colleagues at the National Safety Council to film a series of new “Live with Lisa” traffic safety messages. Today, I am happy to say the first one is ready for you to share during your next safety meeting, and on your workplace video monitors and social channels: Stick with Your To-Do List.

I bet everyone can identify with this distracted driving safety message. I talk about how we all live in a world of lists. And I underscore the importance of regularly prioritizing the items we want to accomplish in our daily lives, both at work and at home. Before you show the video, engage employees with this simple exercise. Ask: What distracts you behind the wheel? Expect answers such as these:

  • Food
  • Social media
  • Cellphone (texting and/or talking)

Next, talk about ways employees can decrease distractions. Providing consistent and ongoing traffic safety education and training to 100% of your employee population is one of the best things you, as an employer, can do to create a culture of safety. We know driving is one of the most dangerous occupational activities we undertake every day. In 2018, crash data from the Texas Department of Transportation speaks to the level of risk all of us encounter on state roads:

  • One person was killed every 2 hours 25 minutes
  • One person was injured every 2 minutes 7 seconds
  • One reportable crash occurred every 58 seconds

What is learned at work often is carried home. Help your employees get home safely to be with family or binge watch their favorite television shows. Use my newest traffic safety video as a tool to revisit the topic of distracted driving. Many distracted driving incidents are the result of driver behavior behind the wheel, including handheld or hands-free cellphone use.

Research indicates distraction persists long after you finish using voice commands to make a call or send a text. Your mind is focused on the dashboard technology, not the road. This can reduce reaction time and cause crashes. Go “Live with Lisa” and offer this two-word solution: Just drive.

Share: Stick with Your To-Do List.

– Lisa Robinson, senior program manager, National Safety Council