June 2022 Safety Coach: Bold Safety Stripes and Bright Safety Stars

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Safety Coach
Be the Best, Pass This Test

Here’s an idea for a group exercise that will break up the day with a little bit of fun and a whole lot of positive energy. Find out how much you and your coworkers know about pedestrians and their safety.

Visit our website and share our new interactive pedestrian safety quiz. You’ll walk in the shoes of “Roberto” and several other characters on your journey, and face challenges such as this: Roberto likes to eat his breakfast on his walk to work – which is a distraction. Select all the pedestrians you spot who may be distracted.

You can work together, talk about the questions and answers, and use real-world examples to engage your team. Don’t stop there. Share data and use our free tools to bolster your safety initiatives this summer. Start with this:

Then, get these free resources to raise awareness and reduce incidents involving your employees:

Watch and share our Parking Lots, Hot Cars and Distraction video, and on our new web page, we provide tips to guard against injuries from distracted walking. Here is one more idea: Download this Walk Safe info card from TxDOT. That guy with his head down, buried in his phone? On social media, it seems funny when he trips and falls off the curb. Well, it’s not so funny if he is someone you know and he brakes a bone and misses work.

Let’s step up our pedestrian safety game this summer.

Include safety in your holiday celebration plans.

Tailgate Talk
Free to Choose Safety

As we look forward to the Fourth of July, we think of the “four Fs”: family, food, friends, fireworks. Let’s pull together in the coming days to ensure safety is a part of everyone’s holiday celebration plans. No one wants to see a fifth “F” added here – fatalities.

Too often, the fun turns tragic on roads across Texas and around the U.S. In 2020, research from the National Highway Traffic Safety administration shows:

  • 493 people died in crashes during the Fourth of July holiday driving period
  • 41% of those fatalities occurred in alcohol-impaired driving crashes

What is learned at work often is carried home; you can lead efforts to create change. One way is to raise awareness of impairment safety risks. Engage workers at your location with our e-learning games, including Impairment Jeopardy. Access “Driving Safety Quiz Games” here.

Here is another way: Share these Fourth of July holiday weekend driving safety tips on your bulletin board or in digital communications:

  • Impairment begins with the first drink. If you’re going out, plan ahead for a safe ride home. Appoint a designated sober driver or use a ride-share service.
  • Buckle up – every seat, every time. Seat belts often are the last line of defense in impaired-driving crashes. Download this vintage safety poster: Let’s Get Together for Safety.
  • Slow down, particularly in work zones, and move over for emergency vehicles.
  • Avoid distractions. Pick a co-pilot to answer calls and send texts. Display this free infographic.
  • Stay alert. Take breaks on long trips.
  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated and your wiper blades are working. Share this Know Safety, No Crashes blog post: Proper Maintenance is More than Fuel for Thought.
  • Visit Drive Texas to monitor weather and road conditions.

Watch Analicia’s story during your next safety meeting. The one-minute video is part of the Texas Department of Transportation’s Faces of Drunk Driving series.

And, remind your team: You don’t have to serve alcohol at your pool party or backyard BBQ to have fun. You can serve mocktails instead. Get recipes to make your own. Click here and scroll to Mocktails.

As Independence Day approaches, let’s celebrate our freedom to choose safety.