July 2020 Safety Coach: Safety is Your Voice, Inspire Others to Echo Your Style

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In 2019, the City of Arlington created a designated driver safety portal for driver safety resources that included items such as Our Driving Concern materials and the Texas driver handbook. Because of its focus on transportation safety and commitment to ongoing driver training, the City experienced a 17% reduction in auto liability claims and reduced claim expenditures by more than $414,000 from 2018.

That’s one example of how an organization with nearly 3,500 employees was able to reduce costs by embracing transportation safety. You will find many more in our 2020 Texas Employer Traffic Safety Awards best practice brochure. You also will be able to hear from other award recipients as they share tips and best practices on how they were successful in reducing liability and cutting costs during an upcoming free webinar: Tried and True Traffic Safety Panelists: Hear from Employers.

Make plans now to attend: 10 a.m., Wednesday, Aug. 12.

This is when stealing a good idea is OK. We know how hard it can be to come up with new ideas to keep your employees engaged. That’s why we will be talking with employers who have turned the dial on their safety programs and experienced positive results. The importance of ongoing traffic safety training geared toward all employees, not just those who drive as part of their jobs, will be a focal point of this discussion.

My hope is that you take away ideas to boost your transportation safety culture.

Looking for a new formula to build your traffic safety culture?

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have successfully pivoted to virtual transportation safety training and professional development opportunities. Here are two ways you can tap into Our Driving Concern offerings to assist in your traffic safety training efforts:

First, schedule a safety meeting for your safety managers/leaders and then tune in to one of our upcoming webinars in a group setting. This can be done while you are working in a remote environment or if your employees have returned to the office. We’re sure you will find value in exploring topics such as these:

Second, engage employees with a quiz. Set aside five to 10 minutes to explore distracted driving. You will find a link to a quiz produced by the NIOSH Center for Motor Vehicle Safety on our website. When your employees finish, talk about the distracted driving quiz questions and answers, carefully separating myth from fact.

I am convinced we can shape the new normal of road safety by calling on a couple of old staples: engagement and training. As always, we will be here to help.