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How To Use the Tailgate Talks

The Safety Coach Tailgate Talks available on this site are designed for safety leaders to teach driver safety in non-classroom settings.

You may be teaching a safety session outdoors, or in a construction site trailer. Wherever you are, this site works with mobile devices so you can teach anywhere.

The lessons are briefCombine several short lessons together, or focus on just a couple of key activities at each safety huddle with your group.

  • Start by choosing the topic you want to teach from the menu. Swipe or scroll to the topic or activity you want.
  • If you’re looking for a video or activity, use the Video or Activity menus to view a list of those contents. Swipe or scroll to the item you want.
  • Alternately, use the Search Box to find a specific item you want to teach.
  • Your students can even follow along on their own mobile devices using this site.

Video and Audio Lessons

Video and Audio lessons include talking points or discussion questions designed to help learners derive key points from the lesson.

  • Play the media for your group, or have them play the media on their own devices. Then, drive home the key messages using the questions.