Every Color Has a Meaning

Traffic signs communicate to the driver what to expect on the road ahead. The color of the sign also has meaning and sends a message to the driver. Here are some common traffic sign colors and their meanings:

  1. Red: Red means STOP! A red traffic sign tells the driver to stop. This limits the driver from going further.
  2. Green: Green means go. A green traffic sign tells the driver they can proceed.
  3. Yellow: A yellow traffic sign stands for caution and serves as a general warning.
  4. Black and White: A black and white traffic sign posts regulations such as speed.
  5. Orange: An orange traffic sign signals construction or road maintenance. Be prepared to slow down!
  6. Brown: A brown traffic sign indicates local recreation areas or points of interest.
  7. Blue: A blue traffic sign offers information to assist the driver.

— Lisa Robinson is a senior program manager with the National Safety Council