Don’t Be in Such a Rush

Rush hour is one of the worst times to be on the road and, as the population increases, the roads are becoming more crowded. Drivers are anxious to get to their destination and may be distracted with electronic devices. Being an alert driver and planning ahead will help you get through traffic safely and with less stress. Here are some other tips when driving during rush hour:

  • Leave early enough to plan for slowdowns such as construction
  • Plan your route — choose your lane
  • Even though the route may be familiar, don’t go on autopilot; stay alert
  • Don’t weave in and out of traffic
  • Don’t tailgate
  • Don’t speed
  • In unfamiliar areas, consult a map before you go and memorize your route
  • Don’t touch your phone, eat, drink or do other things that are distracting
  • Drive defensively

Remember: Aggressive driving can lead to accidents and speeding tickets, which can bring hefty fines and make you late for work!

— Lisa Robinson is a senior program manager with the National Safety Council