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Tackles traffic safety issues you confront regularly in the workplace—as well as at home—in a snappy format.

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Bicycle Safety: Share These Life Lessons

Bicycle Safety: Share These Life Lessons

My momma taught me the value of sharing, says Our Driving Concern Senior Program Manager Lisa Robinson.

Today, let’s talk about how bicyclists and motorists can share the road and keep each other safe.

More than half of fatalities involving bicyclists also involve a motor vehicle. Bicyclists need to take steps to be seen, even when riding during daylight hours. This includes wearing neon and fluorescent clothing. Bicyclists riding at night should use flashing lights.

Motorists need to give bicyclists adequate space. Motorists should be alert when traveling in areas frequented by bicyclists and, in particular, at intersections and around curbs. After parking, reach across your body to open car doors with your far hand. This action likely will lead you to look in your side mirror and stop you from opening doors in front of a bicyclist or pedestrian.

Just as you share your life with others, share the road, too