April 2020 Safety Coach: Be Open to Change Because Life Won’t Stay the Same

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Safety Coach
Gaze to the Future

I’ve heard it said that education is the passport to the future, and tomorrow belongs to those who prepare today. My question for you is this: What are you doing to prepare for tomorrow?

After you return to work, you will be faced with transportation safety challenges, some related to vehicles breaking down because they have been sitting idle, others involving issues such as driver fatigue. Here are some ways you can build your safety skills while at the office or while working remotely:

Drug Impairment Training for Texas Employers

Wednesday, April 29 – Webcast training from 8:30 a.m. to noon. This free training explores the effects of alcohol and other drugs on driving and workplace performance, and highlights the cost and lifestyle impacts of a DWI-alcohol arrest. Benefits of preventative training for employers and employees also are outlined. Register to attend.

Safety Huddle Talks

These free safety talks cover a variety of traffic safety issues. Explore the topics and use our Safety Huddle pieces with your team during in-person get-togethers now or at some point down the road:

Transportation Safety Training

Thursday, May 28 – Join us for free online training from 9 a.m. to noon. This training covers a variety of transportation safety topics, addresses driver behavior and is designed for you to take back to your company and present to your employees. Participants will receive copies of the curriculum. Register to attend.


Tuesday, April 21 – Jerry Ullman, Regents Fellow and manager of the Work Zones and Dynamic Message Signs Program at Texas A&M Transportation Institute, will explain why work zone driving environments can pose safety risks. He also will share safety solutions. Register for this free webinar: Navigating the Work Zone Safely and Successfully.

Wednesday, May 27 – Danny Thomas, founder of Accurate Safety Compliance, and Lisa Robinson, senior program manager with the National Safety Council, will focus on the importance of securing loads to prevent crashes and cut costs associated with destruction of property. Register for this free webinar: Securing Your Load: Preventing Road Hazards and Liability.

Take advantage of all of these options to build on your safety skills.

Use our Safety Coach cards to stay connected with your team.

Tailgate Talk
Play the Hand You Are Dealt

You can choose to play solitaire. Or, you can choose to capitalize on the reality of social distancing and find new ways to engage employees in a remote work environment. Here is an idea:

Send an e-blast to your team at the start of each week. Attach a photograph of one of our Safety Coach cards. Each card is labeled by topic. Example: Driving Basics. Pose a question: “Are your tires old enough to enroll in kindergarten? If so, what do you need to do?”

Solicit answers via text or any other direct messaging platform you use at your location. Offer participation points as a way to build your safety culture. Alternatively, you can use a free online polling service to track answers. Then, when you close the polls, you can host a virtual meeting to recap the results.

How do you get started?

First, learn how to use our Safety Coach cards. Then, download the PDF file that contains a complete set. Pick some to snap photographs of and share the images in communications with your team. Yes, these are unusual times. Be quick to adapt. Stay positive. Stay productive.

Most of all, stay healthy, wash your hands and stay safe.