Airbags Intended to Be Life-Saving, Not Life-Threatening

Right now, there are 37 million vehicles on the road with dangerous open airbag recalls – and more than 1.7 million vehicles with airbag recalls in Texas alone. The risk is higher in hot and humid states like Texas, where recalled airbags are more likely to explode when deployed, resulting in injury or death.

Please help us spread the word to your employees about the importance of checking for open airbag recalls and getting them fixed as soon as possible. Airbag recalls are repaired for free at local dealerships.

Throughout the month of May, we are doing targeted outreach in Texas – especially in the Dallas and Houston areas – to raise awareness about the urgency of checking for and fixing recalled airbags.

How you can help:

  • Check your fleet. Do any of the vehicles in your fleet have an open recall? If so, schedule an appointment to get these taken care of immediately.
  • Alert your employees about the airbag recall. We can provide you with posters, e-blast language and other materials, by request.
  • Spread the word at your workplace with Check to Protect graphics to educate and urge employees to act today.

For employers with 500-plus employees in the Dallas and Houston areas:

  • Request a canvassing team to scan license plates in your parking lots and share safety information with vehicle owners that have open recalls.
  • Host a free mobile repair unit. We can bring airbag repair technicians to your organization to make repairs as convenient as possible and help members of your organization with open recalls get them fixed on site.

If you’re interested in any of the materials or services mentioned above, please reach out to my colleague, Tom Musick, at the National Safety Council.

Thank you in advance for helping keep members of your organization and your community safe!

– Lisa Robinson is a senior program manager at the National Safety Council