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Posts published in “Group Activity”

Causes of Drowsy Driving


In 60 seconds, list all of the reasons you can think of that can cause a driver to be sleepy behind the wheel. There are several—how many can you identify?…

How to Recognize Aggressive Driving


What is Aggressive Driving? In 60 seconds, list as many driving behaviors as you can that you would consider “aggressive.” Maybe you even encountered some while driving today! How many…

The Myth of Multitasking Test


Watch this video, and then try the exercise yourself or with a group. (You will need paper and pencil for this one, plus a stopwatch or watch with a second…

Distractions in 60 Seconds


What distracts drivers? List as many distractions you can think of in 60 seconds. Did you come up with all of these? Some of the most common and dangerous multitasking…