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Tailgate Talks are short lessons that can be delivered to small groups of learners outside of a traditional classroom. This category shows all Tailgate Talk checklists.

Passenger Restraints Tips


Here are some helpful Do’s and Don’ts for seat belts. DO – Wear your shoulder belt snugly over your shoulder and across the center of your chest. DON’T – Tuck…

Backing Up Can Bust You Up


Driving a car backwards is a practiced skill! According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, from 2008 to 2011, an average of 41% of non-occupant traffic injuries were caused…

Regain Control of Your Car


Have you ever had a close call, a time when your vehicle was out of control? What did you do to regain control? Here are some techniques for regaining control…

What You Need to Know About Intersections


There are so many different types of intersections, it can be hard to remember the rules for using them! Here’s a list of tips for each type. Two-Way Intersection: Check…

Out of the Way of Trains


One modern train engineer recently stated, “There are two types of train engineers—those who have hit someone on the tracks—and those who will.” Why would he say that? Think about…

Big Truck Basics


If you like to see store shelves full of all the things you need, then you should be grateful for all of the big trucks on the road who deliver…

Emergency Vehicles


Emergency personnel risk their lives every day to help people in a time of need. Drivers need to pay attention and respond properly when emergency vehicles approach. Describe what you…

Driving Under the Influence … It’s Not Just Alcohol


Is taking a prescription or over-the-counter medication as dangerous as drinking alcohol combined with driving? Safe driving requires precise skills, clear judgment, concentration, and ability to react to what happens…