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Texas Challenge – Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics 2015

How well do you know Texas motor vehicle crash statistics? Take our mini-quiz to test your knowledge.

Question #1: Based on reportable crashes in 2015, 1 person was killed every …

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Question #2: The fatality rate on Texas roadways for 2015 was 1.43 deaths per hundred million vehicle miles traveled. This is a decrease of what percentage from 2014?

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Question #3: In 2015, how many people were killed in crashes occurring in intersections or related to an intersection?

Question #4: How many people were killed on Texas roads in 2015

Question #5: What percentage of motorcyclists killed were not wearing helmets at the time of their deadly crash?

Question #6: 22 people were killed on Texas roads one day in 2015. Can you identify the deadliest day on Texas roads?

Question #7: In 2015, how often was a person injured in a motor vehicle crash?

Question #8: In 2015, how often was a crash reported on Texas roads?

Question #9: Pedestrian fatalities jumped 12.7% from 2014. How many pedestrians were killed?

Question #10: Pedalcyclist fatalities rose 2% from 2014. How many cyclists were killed?

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