Making the Case for Traffic Safety

Want in on a dirty little secret? Crashes cost employers billions of dollars and millions of work days each year. At Our Driving Concern, we help Texas employers reduce risks and manage costs. Here, we present our case: Four Reasons to Use An Employee Traffic Safety Program.

Sample Driving Policy

As an employer, you are wondering what elements should be included in a safe driving policy for employees. We have created a Sample Driving Policy you can copy and use on your own company letterhead.

The document addresses concern over aggressive driving, distracted driving, impaired driving and seat belt use. At the end, there is a place for employee acknowledgement of company policy, signature required.

Distracted Driving Simulator

Arrangements can be made for organizations to use the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Distracted Driving simulator. The tool is designed to educate drivers on the dangers of distracted driving. For more information, contact the Passenger Safety Project Team.


These colorful, engaging handouts can be used for employee training and safety talks.

Posters, Fact Sheets and Tip Sheets

State Agencies

Free Webinars and Classroom Training

Mobile Training

Using a Mobile Device

Our new Safety Coach Tailgate Talks, available on this website, can be used by safety instructors in non-classroom settings. Access the mobile lessons using the SAFETY COACH TAILGATE TALKS menu. The lessons can be accessed from a tablet or smart phone.

Using Safety Coach Tailgate Talk Cards

How to use Safety Coach Tailgate Talk Cards

Traffic Safety Huddle

Talking points on driving basics for you to use in a Safety Huddle with your team


Safety Coach and Our Driving Concern Newsletter archives

Bridget Curbside

She turns the downer that is your daily commute into merriment

Toilet Tabloids

We’ve created a unique free resource that enables you to share important traffic safety messages — even in the bathroom


The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety has partnered with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to create a free online seat belt toolkit. The kit includes a communication plan for a six-week worksite seat belt usage campaign.

Power Play: Our Tools, Your Voice

On this page, you will find the PowerPoint presentations we’ve used in our free webinar series. We invite you to access these presentations and make use of them in traffic safety talks with your employees.

All Resources

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